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Issue With NairaLake Payment Gateways

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Update March 8 2016
Done! NairaLake Payment Gateways Finally Up!

Update March 8 2016
A Little More Time…Please Bear With Us

You will be able to make payment as from March 08 2016.
Thanks for your Understanding.

NairaLake Website LogoIn line with the directives we received from the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria concerning the services we render through, we will be carrying out a necessary system upgrade on our different Payment Gateways and this will result in us not being able to accept payment from our newly registered members between February 15 – March 7 2016.
Users can still register for an account within this time frame BUT will only be able to purchase a Membership license as from the 7th day of March 2016.

To The Newly Registered Member – If you happen to register for an account on within this period and you are not able to make payment for a Membership License, please exercise patience with us. We want you to take note that this is not a system error, it’s just a necessary process and we are working on it. The services we render through NairaLake will always adhere to the business rules and regulations contained in the Constitution of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria. You will be able to make payment for your Membership License after the above time frame (as from March 7th).

To Our Licensed Members – Every Licensed Member of NairaLake may experience a drop in Earnings within this time frame (We sincerely apologize for this), but be rest assured that all your Referrals will be able to make payment after this period and you will receive your regular fee per Referral. We are taking this step for the interest of everyone including You the Licensed Member cause you will surely be enjoying a higher Conversion Ratio after this upgrade.

Thanks for your Understanding.

The NairaLake Team